The birth

The birth

When the seeds germinate and the first sprouts grow. An imposing moment captured in time lapse and artificially animated.
The growing

The growing

Dancing plants and an eternal struggle for the light. Thousands of pictures become a minute of thrilling moments.
The blossom

The blossom

Immerse yourself in the little world of microscopy. Uniquely detailed images of "the plant" with an incredible magnification

Cannahuana - The Moweed is a cinematic declaration of love from macroscopic images of the medicinal and useful plant hemp or cannabis.

A film with dancing plants, flowering buds and detailed pictures of resin drops huge as glass Christmas baubles.

Video preview

A selection of the video preview trailers from the year 2008. The original movie is now on Amazon to rent, buy and stream for primary customers.

Two music tracks

Instead of two linguistic tracks, this movie contains two different music channels. Once the main track with chilled ambient music and on the second channel there is a more than 30 years old reggae singles mix from Jamaica.

Interesting loop

At the next party use this DVD as an endless loop on a projector or screen. So run in the background always the interesting sequences and this will not be boring even after multiple viewing.


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